1. I am good at English Language but still, cannot crack PTE Academic. Why?

PTE Academic is not just a test of your proficiency in the English language. It is an interplay of Language, deductive reasoning, Time Management and other Test Taking Skills. In short, you need to understand the behaviour of the PTE Machine, and using a clever approach, you can outsmart Artificial intelligence.

2. What I should do?

Join the Web Based PTE coaching Program at TJ7 Learning.

3. How long will it take to pass my exam?

Take a pre-assessment with me and you will know exactly where you need to improve and what areas to concentrate on.

4. When will I be ready to book my exam?

Your work and responses will be assessed and this feedback will give you a clear indication when you are ready.

5. I am very weak in Reading, can you please provide extra reading resources?

Of course, Yes. You DO NOT need to pay extra for that. Mock Tests are regularly updated and the software we have developed is smart enough to guide you.

6. I need more help in writing. Can I have extra marking?

Of course, Yes. I encourage you to submit your writing online. Your writings are marked without any extra fee.

7. Do you guarantee success?

You have probably seen some coaching centres offering guarantees. It may sound good but just think about it. My friend, you have to take up this exam and not your teacher. A teacher offering guarantees must be selling appliances before. I personally feel that those who are claiming guaranteed results are diminishing the dignity of this profession. Beware of such coaching centres or teachers.

Having said that, it does not mean that you cannot achieve success – just ask my students. A good teacher can guarantee that all your questions and queries will be answered to a satisfactory level and the students will get the best of the online resources and learning environment.

Remember: A Desire, A Dream and A Vision – Mantra For Success!

8. But I have already been to more than one coaching centre nothing just happens?

You need to make it happen. Don’t just join any centre; ask questions before you pay your hard earned money.

9. What should be my approach?

Rational and please, first of all, understand where things are wrong. It's not just the range of vocabulary that matters. There are other areas such as your Response to the given question, Cohesion, and Coherence. Let me diagnose where the problem is as the solution is based on the nature of the problem.

10. How will you assess me?

You need to attend one or two sessions. During this time, I will be able to understand the nature of the problem; you may be facing and offer solution accordingly. Pay only, if you are satisfied.

11. When and where should I book my exam?

I don’t advise students as for where they should book their exam because practically speaking it doesn’t matter at all.

If you already have taken the date, this question becomes irrelevant. But, generally speaking, you should give yourself approximately 4 -5 weeks of time. It's is about outsmarting the PTE Machine, you need time to sharpen your reflexes.