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Points to consider when writing this essay:

Body Part 1

  • Our ability to spend leisure/free time with family members, friends and engage in recreational activities is what defines the quality of life. This is what gives people a sense of ownership and control over their life. Those who spend more time at the workplace, unfortunately, cannot manage their social and family commitments. Drain on family time is directly related to work-family conflict. There is no denying the fact that those who work to live are happier than those who live to work. • Free time is a great tool to alleviate stress. 


  • Free time allows people to focus on and pursue their own interests, and often people learn to be comfortable with themselves which can elevate their self esteem.


Body Part 2:


Material goals can only be fulfilled by working extra. Most of the people equate possession of luxury goods and wealth to happiness and fulfilment, and this is only possible if work is given the top priority. Social scientists subscribing to this view also maintain that satisfaction in personal life can only be achieved if financial goals of life are met.


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