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Mankind has always been curious to explore the hidden mysteries of the universe and investment in space research is just a manifestation of this innate quality. Space research, indeed, demands millions of dollars, but we do not have to look to the stars to see how space programs have touched our daily life.

It is clear that mankind has benefitted from the knowledge gained and the skills developed from space exploration. One such area is space biomedical research where advancements made in the field of telemedicine to treat astronauts in space have brought about parallel developments on earth. Health Care Specialists are now able to communicate with patients in the remote parts of the world. Space exploration also invokes curiosity among young students to study science and technology. Further, one has to realize that resources on earth are limited and with already close to 8 billion people on earth, the days are not far when there would be a scarcity of fuels and other energy sources. Space research would turn the dream of human colonization of other planets into a reality.

Contrary to this, it seems irrational to spend billions of dollars on carrying out space research when on earth people are dying because of starvation, poverty and many communicable diseases. There are still lots of issues that plague us as a race. Many parts of the world are still deprived of potable water and people do not have access to education or employment.


To begin with, one has to realize that there are still many problems people are facing on earth that needs great attention. It is sickening to see that many people die because of starvation, poor sanitation, lack of potable drinking water and many infectious diseases. Not all the young people are educated enough to find employment and there are many places where basic facilities of life are not provided. In the face of such problems, it seems unrealistic to spend billions of dollars on space exploration and research. Besides this, problems such as global warming and pollution of various kinds have jeopardized the survival and existence of life on this beautiful planet. Given the fact that saving earth is a bigger concern rather than going roaming other planets, the investment in space projects seems nothing more than a gimmick.

Contrary to this, investment in space technology can help mankind to find presence of life and many other useful minerals on other planets. Our knowledge about the solar system and universe is still very limited and it is important to explore so that we understand more concepts about our life and existence.

Sample conclusion

Therefore, it seems correct to say that there are bigger issues that yet to be resolved on earth rather than investing on space. More lives can be saved and earth can be made a better place to live if our attention is more focused here. So it is high time that we understand the situation in a pragmatic manner and define our priorities.

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