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Prospects are not great as youthful marriage faces an elevated divorce risk:


Most of the youngsters in their early twenties (the time when they haven’t even finished their college or got settled career wise) lack the maturity and coping skills and in such a scenario, the risk of divorce is elevated. Trivial issues are blown out of proportion and couples struggle to find the resolutions to routine marital problems as they lack maturity to deal with the issues. Added responsibilities/ studies/ spending time on academics too can cause extra stress in a marriage.

Financial stress can be toxic to the marriage :

Couples may face financial hardships and that can jeopardize a marriage. Dealing with financial issues concerning household bills, debts and budget planning can increase stress in the home if there is no regular and stable source of income.


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There is no perfect age to get married - A loving and supportive partner can help you to deal with hard and tough times. A sincere commitment makes a person more responsible.

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